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Friends of Bahrain Iftar & Gergaoon

May 27, 2019
During the holy month of Ramadan, the American Bahraini Friendship Society(ABFS) held an Iftar dinner at Bahrain residence in Washington DC. Throughout the night, attendees celebrated the election of new ABFS Board Members and the Bahraini tradition of Gergaoon.   more

Launch of the New Logo & Website

July 20, 2018
ABFS members held a board meeting at the Army and Navy Club in Washington D.C, in which they discussed plans regarding the launching of the new logo and website, as well as ideas for upcoming events! more

ABFS Board Meeting

April 25, 2018
The Board held a meeting where both President VADM Miller and Vice President VADM Fox were elected into their new positions. The society discussed its exciting  plans for the upcoming year and began drafting ideas for future events! more