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Nancy Robinson

As Board Member since 2000 and Treasurer since 2005, Nancy Robinson has spent most of her adult life concerned with the Middle East and International issues. She was an editor for Middle East Executive Reports and opened the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Office. As a correspondent for KUNA in London, she reported on current events, including the Falklands War and the War in Lebanon, plus a well-received series of feature stories about the West Bank, Palestinian refugees, and the work of the American Near East Refugee Association (ANERA).

In Japan she taught English to students at NTT (the National Telegraph & Telephone Company), and in Bahrain, language classes at BANAGAS and the National Museum. She also served as a member of the Bahrain School Local Advisory Board. In Paris, she performed a wide range of diplomatic duties including providing real-time French-translation during official and social events. In Omaha, she coordinated the French language program for the Montessori school system and was a primary instructor.